Monday, December 17, 2007

Mac guy: PC taght me how to use an iPhone!

We hate to admit this, but we at Winejuice , DO read CosmoGirl! The Dec 2007 issue came with an interview with Just aka. The Mac Guy.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Save $40 : The12 Volt Battery Hack

Friday, August 17, 2007

Bad ass KLM pilot

Monday, August 13, 2007

DIY : Grow a plant in your belly button!!

Lint is fertile. Now you know.


Rubber Ball Guy who amazes Japanese (Only Japanese!)

Japanese perception of fun .

Monday, July 30, 2007

DIY: The Deo Paint Prank

Theoretically you can swap anything packed in a pressurized container with anything! Let the creativity run wild!

The funniest beer comercial EVER!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One of the best radio station pranks EVER!

Guy swallowing microphone by accident.

You are served sir.

Jumbo Jet Landings in Extreme Crosswind condition

No matter how much they fight over religion ,geographical boundaries and other pity cheap subjects, human beings will still survive and flourish. Thats the power of COURAGE.

Sooooo CUTE!!

Homely brat training. But that kid just blew my mind . Isnt she the most awesome thing since God farted* ?

*It was yet another boring day in heaven .God and his buddy Jake where having this little game of ping pong or something,when God felt like farting and he went "i can haz farts".He farted and thus the universe was created. Although Family Guy never mentioned this, God is said to have sued his Cabbage suppliers for not printing a warning on the package in BIG BOLD letters.

Mumbai trains :World's deadliest commute

Heard at CNN:

On average 4,000 people die a year on Mumbai’s railways, crushed under trains, electrocuted by overhead power lines or killed as they lean from jam-packed carriages to gasp for air. It is perhaps the world’s deadliest commute.

Fatal accidents are so common that stations stock sheets to cover corpses.

Authorities say the ongoing network upgrade will improve matters, but commuters are sceptical.

“Plans are always made, but nothing really happens,” said Bidisha Mukherjee, a young commuter. “If they want to do something, it had better be quick.

Thanks to the average Indian's patience.They got "independence" in 1947.
They are still hoping for the goodtimes that may come tomorrow .


Monday, July 23, 2007

Just divorced

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Catwalk Model falls ...TWICE!

..we dont have words to describe this. LOAO.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Disgrace! First-ever Hindu prayer in the US Senate gets interrupted

Totally sick,disgraceful, disgustingly rude . A bunch of assbags try to interrupt the first ever Hindu prayer in US senate. The guys must be A grade assholes to interrupt someone during a prayer.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Roller coaster loop on the train track!!!

Amazing viral campaign video.[Dont know what they sell though ]

Having a retarded crack addict sister is hard

Not sure if this is a staged performance, but if its real, even if its your sister, just call the cops and throw her up in jail.

Eating live Octopus!!

Being an actor is bad thing. Being an actor in asia can be even harder. This is Choi Min Sik eating live octopus for the movie Oldboy.

And here is the final clip:

Is this practiced in real life ? Yes!They do this in Korea. Here is a clip from the legendary "Travellers" show:

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Severely deformed baby: a case of harlequin ichthyosis[probably]

The following video may be slightly disturbing to some of our readers. But this is a reality and is a case of medical condition known as harlequin ichthyosis [also, ichthyosis congenita or keratosis diffusa fetalis]

a skin disease, is the most severe form of congenital ichthyosis, characterized by a thickening of the keratin layer in fetal human skin. In sufferers of the disease, the skin contains massive, diamond-shaped scales. In addition, the eyes, ears, mouth, and other appendages may be abnormally contracted. The scaly keratin greatly limits the child's movement. Because the skin is cracked where normal skin would fold, it is easily pregnable by bacteria and other contaminants, resulting in serious risk of fatal infection.

Sufferers are known as harlequin fetuses, harlequin babies, or harlequins.
[from Wikipedia]
You can find more pictures and diagrams from medical records here.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Oopsie! Mr. Woods got a permanent wood!

Christopher Woods said he drank the vitamin-enriched Boost Plus, made by the Swiss-based Novartis pharmaceutical company, on June 5, 2004.He woke up the next morning "with an erection that would not subside" and sought treatment of the condition, called severe priapism, court papers say.Novartis's Boost Plus website described the drink as "a great-tasting, high calorie, nutritionally complete oral supplement for people who require extra energy and protein in a limited volume", in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
Mr Woods, 29, had a penile implant to move blood from one area to another, acccording to the Associated Press.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Man jumps into popemobile

See how the security failed. Very lame.As you can see,the man DID jump in. It was a successful attempt . Then why should the main stream media call it a "trial to think of making an attempt blah blah "..

OMG! Totally awesome loop!!!!


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Multi Million Dollar Skull

Damien Hirst, former BritArt bad boy whose works infuriate and inspire in equal measure, did it again on Friday with a diamond-encrusted platinum cast of a human skull priced at a cool $98 million.

The skull, cast from a 35-year-old 18th-century European male, is coated with 8,601 diamonds, including a large pink diamond worth more than $8 million in the center of its forehead.

Hirst, who has a preoccupation with blood and death and whose works range from diced and pickled quadrupeds to bloody depictions of birth, said he was inspired by similarly bejeweled Aztec skulls. While the skull is platinum and the diamonds flawless — and ethically sourced, Hirst stressed — the teeth are real.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Its V day in Nepal; 16 died in search of natural Viagra.

16 people died in a snowstorm while gathering“Himalayan Viagra” [ yarshagumba ]. The fungal substance which is found in meadows above 11,500ft
has been highly valued as a health tonic and aphrodisiac in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries and can fetch up to $3,000 a kilogram – a small fortune in impoverished Nepal.

Yarshagumba.Sadhus hugging women, totally erect...not anymore.

“Sixteen people were killed after heavy snowfall on Monday night covered their camp,” a police officer told from Dolpa district.
The villagers had ventured into the remote mountainous district 240km (150 miles) northwest of Kathmandu to collect yarshagumba (cordyceps sinensis).

Mammoth-Scary-Disgusting Catch

Ah...good times!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I blew it ; I burst it .

Totally predictable.

SuperCool Asian delicacy : Bull Penis!!!

Prepared by the most experienced chefs, this one is priced by length!!

Pizza with Pizza topping!

Pizza Hut's new pizza topped with smaller pizzas

Monday, May 28, 2007

"Let ARE kids walk": Failed grads protest.

A brilliant signage from picketing seniors, who did not pass Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exam.

“We know we’re not going to get our diplomas, but we just want to walk across the stage,” Crystal Martinez, one of the dozen protesters said. “That’s all we ask for right now.”

No, we are not spelling police. In fact this blog has several grammatical and spelling mistakes in it [all published on purpose!! ;) ] .But this one is CLASSIC.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ridiculous Landing at Honduras airport.

This is the daily AA flight from Honduras to Miami. Yes, we said DAILY FLIGHT!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Baby Burned in Microwave :Satan Blamed!!! WTF?

If you have a 19 year old father and a 20 yr old mother, what do you expect? You are expected to expect them doing stupid things on you!See what happened in the Cowboy state:

Texas: A woman blames the devil and not her husband for severely burning their infant daughter after the 2-month-old was put in a microwave, a Houston television station reported.

Eva Marie Mauldin said Satan compelled her 19-year-old husband, Joshua Royce Mauldin, to microwave their daughter May 10 because the devil disapproved of Joshua’s efforts to become a preacher.

“Satan saw my husband as a threat. Satan attacked him because he saw (Joshua) as a threat,” Eva Mauldin told Houston television station KHOU-TV.

A Galveston County grand jury indicted Joshua Mauldin last week on child injury charges after hearing evidence that he placed his daughter in a motel microwave for 10 to 20 seconds.

The infant, Ana Marie, remains hospitalized. She suffered burns on the left side of her face and to her left hand, police said.

Eva Marie Mauldin, the girl’s 20-year-old mother, told the television station that her husband is “not the monster people are making him out to be.”

“That was not my husband; my husband is a wonderful father,” she said. “Satan was working through his weaknesses.”


Got Dry Earwax? Blame your gene!

People of African and European ancestry have predominantly wet earwax. Asians, Inuit and Native North Americans have predominantly dry earwax, as they have a gene that prevents cerumen from mixing with their earwax.

Researchers identified a gene that alters the shape of a channel that controls the flow of molecules that directly affect earwax type. They found that many East Asians have a mutation in this gene that prevents cerumen, the molecule that makes earwax wet, from entering the mix.

Scientists believe that the mutation reached high frequencies in Northeast Eurasia and, following a population increase, expanded over the rest of the continent. Today distribution of the gene is highest in North China and Korea

Why do birds sing together?

Okay, yet another Why article for WineJuice readers.
What make birds sing together? Why do they do that? Here is the reason from
Science News:

Over several decades, scientists have offered at least a dozen explanations for the purpose of avian duets. The theories have focused on the forest, the pair, or conflicts of interest between individual birds.

The abundance of duetting in the tropics inspired some of the early explanations. Scientists in the 1970s noted that dense tropical vegetation would make sound especially important for mates identifying each other or keeping in contact. Recently, theorists have suggested that tropical birds duet to stay in sync reproductively, despite limited seasonal cues such as changes in day length.

Other scientists have stressed the partnership. For example, in the 1980s, the "coyness hypothesis" proposed that birds that consummated their pairing only after the arduous job of learning to duet would have a stronger bond that would discourage extra-pair adventuring.

Yet other theorists have suggested that duetting enables a bird to judge its mate's commitment to the partnership. Discouraging interlopers has been a popular theme, both in duetting to defend a territory and duetting to drive away a potential mate stealer...

The current generation of duetting studies often compares his-and-her agendas. One possible agenda is the male's clear interest in fathering the female's chicks. He may be chiming in to the female's song as a musical claim to paternity.

Head over to this link for more

Step by step guide to making comics

Here is a do it yourself kind of guide from Kazu Kibuishi on how to make comics. From pencilling to inking to coloring, you will find the guide interesting.
Head over to this link.

International Internet Censorship Data

OpenNet Initiative is releasing its data through a search engine at
The site provides details on censorship trends around the world. Pretty interesting if you are copylefted, democratic kind of geek.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monkeys are not Seagulls!

If you thought Monkeys are stupid creatures which only f**k around pooping all over the place, you are wrong.The video shows how a brilliant Monkey tease tigers purely for entertainment!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Ignored Woman Dies After 45 Minutes on floor,at Hospital

United States of America is ranked #37 in The World Health Organization's ranking of the world's health systems.The following incident ,as reported by LA Times explains why we are far behind Chile, Morocoo and others.

In the emergency room at Martin Luther King Jr.-Harbor Hospital, Edith Isabel Rodriguez was seen as a complainer.

“Thanks a lot, officers,” an emergency room nurse told Los Angeles County police who brought in Rodriguez early May 9 after finding her in front of the Willowbrook hospital yelling for help. “This is her third time here.”

The 43-year-old mother of three had been released from the emergency room hours earlier, her third visit in three days for abdominal pain. She’d been given prescription medication and a doctor’s appointment.

Turning to Rodriguez, the nurse said, “You have already been seen, and there is nothing we can do,” according to a report by the county office of public safety, which provides security at the hospital.

Parked in the emergency room lobby in a wheelchair after police left, she fell to the floor. She lay on the linoleum, writhing in pain, for 45 minutes, as staffers worked at their desks and numerous patients looked on.

Edith Isabel Rodriguez
Aside from one patient who briefly checked on her condition, no one helped her. A janitor cleaned the floor around her as if she were a piece of furniture. A closed-circuit camera captured everyone’s apparent indifference.

Arriving to find Rodriguez on the floor, her boyfriend unsuccessfully tried to enlist help from the medical staff and county police — even a 911 dispatcher, who balked at sending rescuers to a hospital.

Alerted to the “disturbance” in the lobby, police stepped in — by running Rodriguez’s record. They found an outstanding warrant and prepared to take her to jail. She died before she could be put into a squad car.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

What happens when baloon is punctured? Ultra slowmotion video

Puncture of a baloon shown 80x slower.

Smoking Child!

In soviet russia...anything goes.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Are you an Omnivorous Human?

The American Life Project has found that adult Americans are broadly divided into three groups: 31 percent are rabid users of technology, 20 percent are moderate users, and the remaining 49% demonstrate little or no usage of the Internet or cell phones.

When asked if they felt overloaded by the volume of information available or the means to access it, 27 percent of all respondents said they did, but 67 percent said they like having so much information available.

Classification goes like this:

“Elite Tech Users,” representing 31% of adults surveyed, have the most information technology tools, use the Internet and cell phones heavily and frequently, and (to varying degrees) are engaged with user-generated content. This group is almost evenly split into four smaller groups:

  • “Omnivores,” who fully embrace technology and express themselves creatively through blogs and personal Web pages;

  • “Connectors,” who see the Internet and cell phones as communications tools;

  • “Productivity enhancers,” who consider technology as largely ways to better keep up with their jobs and daily lives; and

  • “Lackluster veterans,” those who use technology frequently but aren’t thrilled by it.
What do you belong to? Ever tried leaving home without your laptop? Take the survival test yourself and see if it works for you.

Sports Center -Top 10 Bird Moments

Stupid birds..they keep interrupting our 'serious games'. ;) Speaking of birds, Seagulls are seriously stupid creatures . They just dont get it EVER! Stupid seagulls.

Probably the biggest remote control on planet Earth

You simply cant misplace this one!

The Indian Orkut Murder: Possibly a Suicide attempt

As events unfold,Mumbai police suspect that the sensational murder of 24-year-old TCS employee Koushambi Layek may actually have been a suicide attempt that went wrong!.

Cops in
India are probing to see if the girl and her boyfriend, Manish Thakur, 28, had entered into such a pact and if Thakur developed cold feet at the last moment, after Koushambi Layek had been shot, either by herself or by him. Police also want to examine if she committed suicide in Thakur's absence. Usually a gunshot to head is depicted in movies as a very uneventful and less scary incident,which leaves a little "cute" hole on victim's head. But in reality , the bullet would burst open the skull , exposing brain matter, and in some case, even squash the eyes.A scene like that, with an open squashed head with brain matter and blood scattered everywhere,is more than enough to take the sh*t out of any normal living soul. Chances are that , the guy got scared and changed his mind seeing the gore and ran away.This is further supported by the following findings:

Thakur left all his personal belongings and ID proof at the Sun & Sheel hotel ,Mumbai where Koushambi's body was found on Monday afternoon.

“Generally in a murder case, the culprit tries to destroy evidence. In this case, however, everything was left behind. This is puzzling. When we interrogate Thakur, we'll try to address this question,” additional police commissioner Bipin Bihari told .


Investigators told that it is baffling why Manish Thakur, in the first place, gave his real name while booking a room at the hotel, and why he left so much material behind. In the room, booked in the name of “Mr and Mrs Thakur”, police recovered his clothes, some documents related to his job in the Navy and some identification material, apart from a chopper blade.
Koushambi Layek

The autopsy report suggested Koushambi Layek was killed on Sunday night.Manish Thakur left the hotel room a couple of hours later, and till almost 15 hours after the murder, the hotel staff had no clue about the killing. If Thakur had planned the murder, he had ample time at his disposal to destroy evidence inside the room. But he did not do that, cops said.

“We are treating the case as one of murder, but we need to get answers to all these questions,” Bihari said.
Manish Thakur
The suicide theory has also gained weight because of information given by Layek's family, police said. Layek's family members were supposed to reach Mumbai on May 19 to take her back to their home in Dumka in Jharkhand since they had shortlisted some marriage proposals for her and wanted her to choose a groom soon.

Koushambi's cousin Kaushik Layek said that when the family members spoke to her about this on Sunday over the phone, she sounded depressed.

“She sounded very low and said she was tired of life,” the cousin said.

However, another question that is baffling the cops is that if it was indeed suicide, why did she get two bullet wounds instead of one?

The autopsy report has said Layek died of haemorrage due to two bullets from a prohibited bore firearm (a firearm that cannot be used to common people and is only available to police and the armed forces).

Police sources said there was no way Layek could have had access to a prohibited bore weapon unless Thakur had smuggled his service revolver from Goa, where he was undergoing training.

It is thus clear the weapon was brought by Thakur, police said.

A team of Mumbai police that reached Goa on Wednesday is expected to bring Thakur back to Mumbai today and produce him in a court. Naval spokesperson from Kochi, Manohar Nambiar, told Mumbai Mirror that Thakur has been handed over to Mumbai police.

The title "Orkut Murder" doesnt really make much sense as Orkut was not the medium of murder, but honestly, from a publisher's point of view, its a catchy headline and we know it does sell!Add Zombie and eeerie in the title and you already know,you dont wanna do it!Anyways go ahead and check our other entries and we are sure you are gonna find something really cool.

Here is the CNN/IBN converage from India:

The girl's orkut profile:

and the suspected guy:

Earth as seen from Saturn

It looks like a photoshopped [Adobe, wanna sue someone?? ] artistic impression. But no!! In fact, the image is a composite (layered image) made from 165 images taken by the wide-angle camera on the Cassini spacecraft over nearly three hours on September 15, 2006.The color in the image was created by digitally compositing ultraviolet, infrared, and clear-filter images and then adjusting the final image to resemble natural color.

Ridiculously fake Thumb Drive

A fake 2 GB pen drive . Those small villages...Or perhaps its the incarnation of "write only memory".

Friday, May 18, 2007

Plane Landing on Motorhome [Video]

An amazing video from Youtube's cadcosystem

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