Saturday, May 19, 2007

Are you an Omnivorous Human?

The American Life Project has found that adult Americans are broadly divided into three groups: 31 percent are rabid users of technology, 20 percent are moderate users, and the remaining 49% demonstrate little or no usage of the Internet or cell phones.

When asked if they felt overloaded by the volume of information available or the means to access it, 27 percent of all respondents said they did, but 67 percent said they like having so much information available.

Classification goes like this:

“Elite Tech Users,” representing 31% of adults surveyed, have the most information technology tools, use the Internet and cell phones heavily and frequently, and (to varying degrees) are engaged with user-generated content. This group is almost evenly split into four smaller groups:

  • “Omnivores,” who fully embrace technology and express themselves creatively through blogs and personal Web pages;

  • “Connectors,” who see the Internet and cell phones as communications tools;

  • “Productivity enhancers,” who consider technology as largely ways to better keep up with their jobs and daily lives; and

  • “Lackluster veterans,” those who use technology frequently but aren’t thrilled by it.
What do you belong to? Ever tried leaving home without your laptop? Take the survival test yourself and see if it works for you.

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