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The Indian Orkut Murder: Possibly a Suicide attempt

As events unfold,Mumbai police suspect that the sensational murder of 24-year-old TCS employee Koushambi Layek may actually have been a suicide attempt that went wrong!.

Cops in
India are probing to see if the girl and her boyfriend, Manish Thakur, 28, had entered into such a pact and if Thakur developed cold feet at the last moment, after Koushambi Layek had been shot, either by herself or by him. Police also want to examine if she committed suicide in Thakur's absence. Usually a gunshot to head is depicted in movies as a very uneventful and less scary incident,which leaves a little "cute" hole on victim's head. But in reality , the bullet would burst open the skull , exposing brain matter, and in some case, even squash the eyes.A scene like that, with an open squashed head with brain matter and blood scattered everywhere,is more than enough to take the sh*t out of any normal living soul. Chances are that , the guy got scared and changed his mind seeing the gore and ran away.This is further supported by the following findings:

Thakur left all his personal belongings and ID proof at the Sun & Sheel hotel ,Mumbai where Koushambi's body was found on Monday afternoon.

“Generally in a murder case, the culprit tries to destroy evidence. In this case, however, everything was left behind. This is puzzling. When we interrogate Thakur, we'll try to address this question,” additional police commissioner Bipin Bihari told .


Investigators told that it is baffling why Manish Thakur, in the first place, gave his real name while booking a room at the hotel, and why he left so much material behind. In the room, booked in the name of “Mr and Mrs Thakur”, police recovered his clothes, some documents related to his job in the Navy and some identification material, apart from a chopper blade.
Koushambi Layek

The autopsy report suggested Koushambi Layek was killed on Sunday night.Manish Thakur left the hotel room a couple of hours later, and till almost 15 hours after the murder, the hotel staff had no clue about the killing. If Thakur had planned the murder, he had ample time at his disposal to destroy evidence inside the room. But he did not do that, cops said.

“We are treating the case as one of murder, but we need to get answers to all these questions,” Bihari said.
Manish Thakur
The suicide theory has also gained weight because of information given by Layek's family, police said. Layek's family members were supposed to reach Mumbai on May 19 to take her back to their home in Dumka in Jharkhand since they had shortlisted some marriage proposals for her and wanted her to choose a groom soon.

Koushambi's cousin Kaushik Layek said that when the family members spoke to her about this on Sunday over the phone, she sounded depressed.

“She sounded very low and said she was tired of life,” the cousin said.

However, another question that is baffling the cops is that if it was indeed suicide, why did she get two bullet wounds instead of one?

The autopsy report has said Layek died of haemorrage due to two bullets from a prohibited bore firearm (a firearm that cannot be used to common people and is only available to police and the armed forces).

Police sources said there was no way Layek could have had access to a prohibited bore weapon unless Thakur had smuggled his service revolver from Goa, where he was undergoing training.

It is thus clear the weapon was brought by Thakur, police said.

A team of Mumbai police that reached Goa on Wednesday is expected to bring Thakur back to Mumbai today and produce him in a court. Naval spokesperson from Kochi, Manohar Nambiar, told Mumbai Mirror that Thakur has been handed over to Mumbai police.

The title "Orkut Murder" doesnt really make much sense as Orkut was not the medium of murder, but honestly, from a publisher's point of view, its a catchy headline and we know it does sell!Add Zombie and eeerie in the title and you already know,you dont wanna do it!Anyways go ahead and check our other entries and we are sure you are gonna find something really cool.

Here is the CNN/IBN converage from India:

The girl's orkut profile:

and the suspected guy:


Manoj said...

From where did the prohibited bore firearm and the chopper blade come from? Manish indeed planned and executed the murder on account of the unfortunate turn of events.After having pounded bullets on her the sight of blood and gore must have disturbed him..
He must've realised then an arson is therby impossible and he didn't opt to wait, instead flee leaving all evidences behind and to face the outcome

Anonymous said...

this is funny..
if it is a suicide...
how can she shoot two bullets onto her head to cause heamorrhage...
after shooting one bullet..
she s\again can shoot one more into her brain?????

Ananymous said...


Anonymous said...

Well, Depressed as she may be but under no circumstances can any person pour 2 bullets into one's head. The very fact that the revolver was Manish's contribution to the murder sight, it is obvious that his intentions were vicious. I am sure everyone wants to know the real story and what went wrong.

Anonymous said...

She committed suicide by shooting herself and then he made sure she actually dies by shooting her again..? Isn't that very ridiculous? He has murdered her and should be severely punished to discourage others from misuing the internet so blantantly...

Anonymous said...

this is funny..
if it is a suicide...
how can she shoot two bullets onto her head to cause heamorrhage...
after shooting one bullet..
she s\again can shoot one more into her brain?????


DailyList said...

Honestly, we are not making any claims that this was a suicide. We are pointing only to a possibilty. Perhaps the second shot came from the guy. Perhaps the guy thought in lines of mercy killing to quickly put an end to the suffering girlfriend.

We admit we don't have a clearcut answer to the situation.A very disturbing story indeed.

Anonymous said...

From the fact that there were two bullets in Kaushambi's body, I find it very unlikely to be a self commited suicide (unless Manish was a part of its execution).
Further, given the fact that Manish left all the evidences POINTING TOWARDS HIM in the hotel room and went back, it is also very unlikely that it was a planned cold blooded murder by him.
However, one option that I find possible is that there could be a third Person (not known at the moment) in the entire scene, who knew both of these people and there whereabouts, executed the murder, possibly in the absence of Manish and may be intentionally or unintentionally kept all the evidences pointing towards Manish to escape conviction smoothly.
Another baffling aspect is that whether or not manish was a part of the killing, why did he or how could he leave all evidences pointing at him behind in the hotel. Coz generally any one would try removing them. Hence, if we assume that he was involved in it and may be got it executed by a third person, then the third person may have given him all the assurance of having removed all the evidences from the location which may have convinced him of safe escape and may be because of that he went back to GOa (his training place).
And a final point, if a third person is involved, then it can as well be another colleague of Manish taking training in Goa (who also would be having access to prohibited bore weapons used in the murder).
Therefore, as I see it, I have a feeling of involvement of atleast one more unknown person in this scene.

Anonymous said...

Reading abt this and watching the news report on tv made me realise how stupid rumours can circulate through email .. First of all why the heck is this being referred to as an orkut murder.. Orkut is immaterial to actual murder. It was just used by the police to track him down. Anyway the email that has been circulating is that the guy and girl met through orkut and then got closer and all sorts of crap..

sunita said...

no one can shoot herself or himself with two bullets into his/her brain......what a stupidity to call it a sucide.......

abhai2k said...

I must agree there evidence does point towards manish.
And yes the point stating that if he had planned all this then why would he leave evidence like his id card etc? Well the answer is simple this was his first time.
Also about 2 bullets in her head so it cannot be a suicide. Well i am presuming you do not know but it is possible to live with a gun shot wound to the head and it is also been proved that sometimes a weapon can get jammed and or also fire 2 bullets at one gentle squeez of the triger. I am no expert but there have been evidence of this. The only way to prove if manish is guilty or not is to wait for the report stating the distance of the shot fired and the angle at which the shot was fired. This will clearly help.
As for suicide i still believe she could commit it but the cause could be Manish as the weapon was not recovered.
I hope this case gets solved at the earliest.

Domnic said...

alrite! let's all look at this as a suicide. jus a few clarifications, though!
somebody please tell me, how do u shoot urself twice in the head!! a good indicator of whether this was a murder or a suicide would be looking at the entry wounds of the two bullets -their position.
another thing that goes terribly against the guy is the fact that he was armed! how many people do u know of who'd go on a date or a vacation with their girlfriend armed to the teeth - in a way!!!
well, let's look at the identification the guy's left in the room. can it be that he deliberately left them behind? usin a li'l bit o' the ol' reverse psychology - a murderer will destroy the evidence. this guy's trained in survival techniques. he knows for sure how to conceal evidence. the best way to do it is, leave it in plain sight!!!
he'd have been recognised from pics even if he took the room under a false name. surely someone in the hotel would recognise him. so, the best thing to do would be to leave everything there and let the cops find it. at the most, it'd be seen as if he left in a hurry and this'd get treated as a case of accidental homicide!!! that's not something that should happen

Swathi said...

I doubt its suicide..

I think manish planned the murder in cold blood. I think he left all the evidence, with an idea of pleading "insanity" later. But when police questioned, he got nervous and told the truth.

Anonymous said...

I think..Since he was doing all these under the infulence of alcohol, that explains..why he left enough evidence for the police...

Vishnu GSR said...

Now why are you playing Sherlock Holmes and trying to explain the "how can she shoot herself twice?" theory? The newspapers and telivisions have already established that its a murder. He has confessed to it too.

Anonymous said...

now anyone say wat hpnd at last? did the guy get punishment?
y did he do this crime?

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