Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yum! Testicles!The Testicle Cookbook is here ladies!

Who doesn't want a warm ,delicious, moist bite of testicle pie? Come on! You know you want it. Now you can make testicle pie, testicle pizza, testicle burger , testicle sushi...everything testicular you could ever imagine at the comfort of your home!

Ljubomir Erovic, a Serbian cook , has come up with an ebook titled "The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking With Balls" that details the testicle cookardness in all its glory. The book comes complete with video demonstrations.This 45 year old guy is a self taught testicle chef and is an authority in the field.( Mainly because only a few people would instinctly look at a pig's testicle and go, "how can i batter this shit"!)

Time to lay your hands on those testicles ladies!

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